School Life

Girls Football

The girls team took part in the IPSSA football tournament on Tuesday 8th October. The girls won one game 4-0 and narrowly lost their other fixtures. Well done girls!

Boys Football

The boys started their season with a cup fixture against Gusford. Despite suffering a 6-2 defeat the boys played well throughout!

Snack Shack

Our Key Stage Two ‘Healthy Snack Shack,’ opened this week. This will give all Key Stage 2 pupils the opportunity to buy a healthy snack at break time for the cost of just 10p. The snack shack is run by pupils within school and will open every day!

KS2 Learning Together

We hosted our Key Stage 2 learning together event in partnership with Realise Futures. A big thank you to all who attended. The puppet socks were very popular!

Wembley Trip

To celebrate the end of our essential life skill programme, the children were rewarded for their commitment to the 2 term project with a visit to Wembley Stadium. The children developed further essential life skills by travelling on the tube! It was a brilliant trip in which the children were a credit to the school in terms of their conduct and behaviour.

Here’s what the children said about the day:

“I really enjoyed taking a picture with the FA cup.” Catalina L

“When we went in to the stadium, I was overwhelmed by the size of the pitch!” Savannah F


Colchester Zoo

Year 3 and 4 visited Colchester Zoo on Wednesday and had a fantastic time. The children’s behaviour was exemplary. Here are some quotes about the day from the children:

“I really enjoyed the different boxes around the zoo where you had to try and guess the different smells. Some of them were very stinky!” Fynn G

“I liked seeing the animals because some had babies and they were really cute!” Ava W

“The thing I liked most was seeing all the animals and finding out how endangered they were.” Ella-May S

“I liked feeding the elephants because when it took the food out of your hand, it felt really weird and rough and it was funny.” Robson S