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JOB DESCRIPTION – Teaching Staff

 Pay Scale:         Main and Upper Pay Ranges

Post Title:         Teacher

Post Holder:             

This job description applies to all teachers. The sections in black cover the duties and expectations for all Teachers (Main and Upper Pay Ranges). The sections in red and green cover the additional duties and expectations for Upper Pay Range Teachers

This document should be read alongside the Teacher Standards, which are attached.

Core Purpose

  • To meet all requirements of the Teachers’ Standards (attached)
  • Within the designated curriculum area, to implement and deliver the published scheme of work.
  • To shape the learning experience to motivate and encourage students to achieve their potential.
  • To monitor the progress of students and provide support to ensure personal and academic growth.

 Teaching and Learning Responsibilities

  • To deliver the designated programme of teaching as presented in the published scheme of work.
  • To use a variety of delivery methods to stimulate learning, appropriate to student abilities.
  • To prepare and update subject/ curriculum materials.
  • To ensure a high quality learning experience for students which meets internal and external quality standards.
  • Within the guidance presented in the school Assessment Policy and using appropriate I.T. systems, to assess, record and report on the attendance, progress, development and attainment of students. To take part in Parent/Carer Information Evenings.
  • Within the school’s marking and homework policy, to set and mark work appropriate to the needs of each student. To provide constructive feedback to facilitate progression.
  • To undertake assessment of students as required by internal and external (e.g. examination boards) procedures.
  • To apply the Behaviour Policy to ensure that effective learning can take place. To maintain discipline and use appropriate rewards and sanctions in line with school policy.
  • To ensure that Literacy, Numeracy and ICT opportunities are optimised within the context of the designated teaching programme.
  • To optimise the use of classroom support staff.

 Core Duties, with regard to:

Curriculum Provision and Development

  • To work with the Subject Leader in developing the teaching and learning programme to ensure that the programme remains relevant and up to date.
  • To develop resources to enhance the teaching and learning programme for students.
  • To contribute to the designated curriculum area and the department’s/ school’s development plan.
  • To work with department colleagues in revising schemes of work to reflect external requirements, for example, when changes are made to examination specifications.
  • To contribute to the further development of the curriculum area under the guidance of the subject leader.
  • To contribute to and/or to reflect developments in whole school approaches to teaching and learning.

 Quality Assurance

  • To contribute to the process of monitoring and evaluation within the designated subject area. This will be within the school procedures for quality standards and performance, including the analysis and evaluation of annual examination results.
  • In the light of evaluation procedures, each teacher should review their own teaching and learning strategies. As may be required, they should contribute to development work in the designated teaching area and to whole school initiatives focussed on action planning.

 Management of Resources

  • To contribute to the efficient and effective use of resources within the school, for the benefit of all colleagues and students.
  • To assist the Subject Leader in identifying resource needs for the designated area.
  • To contribute to the process of ordering equipment and materials and to work with colleagues to ensure fair and reasonable allocation of resources.

 Professional growth

  • To remain committed to the notion of professional growth by participating in the internal and external programme of professional development.
  • To contribute to the professional growth of colleagues by participating in, and from time to time leading, department/ phase discussions relating to pedagogy.
  • To engage actively in Appraisal.  To shape challenging and measurable Appraisal Targets, ahead of the annual dialogue, with a view to further developing teaching and learning strategies and optimising student progression.
  • In aspiring to career development, to understand the criteria for the Post Threshold Status and Upper Pay Range progression.

 Communication with Parents/Carers and other Outside Agencies

  • To follow the agreed school procedure when communicating with parents on pastoral and / or academic issues.
  • To play an active part in Open evenings, Parents’/Carers’ Evenings, liaison events with partner schools and other agencies.

 Pastoral Support for Learning

  • To be a Form tutor/ Class teacher to an assigned group of students
  • To promote the personal and academic progress of individual students and of the Form/ Class as a whole.
  • To liaise with the Head of Year/Pastoral Team/ Phase Leader and other support agencies on a needs basis to facilitate progress.
  • To register students, accompany them to assemblies and encourage them to make the most of the opportunities that the school offers.
  • To evaluate and monitor the academic progress of students.
  • To communicate, as appropriate, with parents.
  • To use the monitoring system as stated in the School Behaviour Policy to ensure that each student is reaching their potential.
  • To contribute to the PSHE and Citizenship programme.
  • To liaise with safeguarding officers in accordance with school policy if and when appropriate.
  • To ensure Pastoral Teams are kept informed of any underlying emotional or social factors affecting students’ progress.


A teacher who is applying to go through the threshold or who has achieved post-threshold status is expected to continue to carry out the duties of a main pay range teacher (above) and in addition, must develop and maintain the following:

 UPR 1+2

  • Continue to meet all the teacher standards
  • Highly Competent and secure knowledge of the relevant subject(s) taught and curriculum areas and how learning can be developed to ensure progress across the key stages. Detailed knowledge of external qualifications in subject area(s)
  • Contribution to the school is continually substantial and sustained in all of the following areas:

Knowledge and understanding;

Teaching & Assessment; 

         Planning lessons; 

       Classroom management & Monitoring progress;

         Pupil progress;

         Wider professional effectiveness – Personal development & School Development and Professional Characteristics as identified in the Teacher Standards

  • Have teaching skills which lead to learners achieving well relative to their prior attainment, making progress as good as or better than similar learners nationally.
  • Continue to grow professionally by developing their teaching expertise post threshold working collaboratively as part of teams to promote consistency and effectiveness
  • Inspire trust and confidence in pupils and colleagues.
  • Contribute to the Professional Development of colleagues through coaching and mentoring demonstrating effective practice and providing evidence and feedback.
  • Engage and motivate children (and staff, when relevant).
  • Demonstrate analytical thinking.
  • Improve the progress of pupils’ learning throughout the school/ their own class.
  • Actively lead/participate in raising standards throughout the school.
  • Actively promote all all elements of the school’s vision statement.
  • Personalise learning to provide opportunities for all learners to achieve their potential
  • Developing awareness of well-being when considering the whole child.


Continue to meet the Teacher Standards and requirements of UPR 1+2, by playing a critical role in the school and in addition:

  • Provide a role model for professionalism, teaching and learning and mentor junior colleagues when needed
  • Make a distinctive contribution to the raising of pupil standards and support the work of the department/school with students that are underachieving
  • Contribute effectively to the work of the wider departmental/ school team (e.g. through producing schemes of work, lesson plans, assessment booklets and on-line materials)
  • Provide CPD opportunities at a departmental and whole school level
  • Use outcomes of CPD to effectively improve pupils’ learning and ensure these are disseminated at a departmental/ phase/ school level as appropriate

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